Eban Lehrer


“I Paint To Share What I See And Feel.”


Eban Lehrer was born, raised and resides in Los Angeles. His work is influenced by many factors. He is fascinated by the feminine form and sees it as the epitome of beauty.


“True beauty is more than skin deep…I find tremendous grace in the female form.”


Eban's portraiture opens a window to the haunting side of a woman's beauty that society often feels is threatening. He has always been interested in the exploration of the boundaries that society arbitrarily imposes. Pushing and challenging these conventions often leads him to new and exciting arenas.


“Every woman has an inner beauty that shimmers beneath the surface. It is in the uncommon that the underlying exquisiteness of a woman is evident. This series of portraits is an exploration of the subtle asymmetry of the female visage.”


Eban is a self-taught artist who has also studied with various other artists. He has exhibited in many local venues, as well as in Las Vegas and New York City. His work also hangs in the Museu de l' Erotica in Barcelona, Spain.