Ideas and Thoughts…


I am a California-born artist.  I paint from my feelings and the feelings around me.  I paint to share what I see and feel. I feel as if I am on a journey that will never end. I am fascinated by the female form and see it as the epitome of beauty. (Beauty...that which can be soft...that which can be stark or harsh.) As my vision evolves, I begin to explore issues that deal with how society views women, and women's own feelings and their own views of beauty and sexuality.


I am disturbed by the backward perceptions of beauty and violence in this country. The glorification of violence can be evidenced throughout the arts (movies, etc.). Even in everyday life, the daily news is peppered with reports of violence and killing. On the other hand, the human body is seen as something that needs to be covered up and censored. God forbid if a woman’s breast is bared on network television. By comparison, in many other cultures (many of the European ones, for example), the human body is seen as something beautiful and violence is seen as obscene. To abhor the celebration of our bodies and embrace the violence done against them sickens/disgusts me.


I am saddened and concerned by the current uproar surrounding art in terms of obscenity and our bodies. In our society, it is customary to give flowers to show love/like/friendship/appreciation...I wonder how many people realize they are giving or receiving the sexual organs of plants? Subtle and not-so-subtle references to our sexuality occur everywhere (just look at advertising). On the other hand, when listening to some members of our elected government, one gets the idea that anything that does not conform to their ideals (especially that which deals specifically with our sexuality) is dangerous and should be censored.


All this indicates to me that something is wrong. I believe that we should all be concerned and try to do what we can to get off this track to a hellish future. I want to do something in this society that will make a difference and help. I hope that by sharing my art I can help to challenge people's preconceived notions and prejudices by opening their eyes to the beauty, wonder and excitement there is in this world.